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The Root Collective -- Walk the Vision from Em Grey on Vimeo.



The Root Collective is bucking the trends of mass production by focusing on handcrafted quality where the impact on the lives of our makers, and the role of your purchases in that, is the focus. 

We believe that women are incredibly powerful. Women are responsible for 85% of household spending and therefore hold the key to using their money to create change in the world. Every dollar that you spend is casting a vote for the kind of world that you want to live in.

People who work in manufacturing for fashion often come from impoverished communities and do not have many opportunities for work. The jobs are typically low paying and people work in poor conditions. Our passion is to change that. We believe that people should be treated fairly and with kindness. We believe that a job can change lives and empower communities. 

This is about more than a pair of shoes or a tshirt. This is about change.

Create a culture of kindness through your purchases.